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TEMPEary: Temporary Public Art Opportunity

Tempe Library Summer Reading

The City of Tempe invites professional artists to submit qualifications for a temporary installation at the Tempe Public Library. This opportunity requires an artist who can imagine the library as an installation site in total, engage with library staff and the public, and who is able to create a work of art that will enliven the imaginations of all who encounter it.

The selected artist will be asked to create a temporary art installation to be displayed throughout the entire library including both public levels. Artworks should enhance the library experience and provide big picture visuals for the site using the Summer 2023 theme of “All Together Now: Kindness/ Friendship” as its focus. The art installation will be created with the artist as visionary, director, and main creator while working with library staff to help create the work with the intention of creating an installation to enhance the summer reading program. To achieve this, the artist will be asked to lead 2-3 maker workshops with library staff throughout the spring of 2023. The artwork is to be installed in May of 2023 and deinstalled at the end of August 2023. The intention is to leave a visual impact on library users and readers throughout the summer months.

Scope of work includes:

  • Provide a concept for the overall installation throughout both levels of the library that has a multigenerational appeal and is connected to the summer reading theme of “All Together Now: Kindness and Friendship”
  • Lead an art-making workshop related to the installation concept as a kick-off to implementation at the Library Staff Training Day on March 2, 2023. The selected artist will be expected to work with staff and lead them in an active making process of art elements that will be installed as part of the temporary artwork installation for the Summer 2023 piece.
  • In addition to the kick-off training, the artist will be expected to provide instructions to library staff for continued making processes over the remaining 2 months before install. Artist may also create other hands-on workshops for staff to take part in.
  • Install temporary artwork during May of 2023 and assist with deinstall in August 2023
  • Create a take home engagement piece (artist designed activity, coloring book, comic, etc.) that allows visitors to take the experience home with them after a visit to the library.

Summer reading program background:

The annual Summer Reading programming runs June through August, with a goal of getting as many people signed up and actively participating as possible to ensure folks are reading over the summer. For kids, it helps prevent the “summer slide” learning loss that can occur and for adults, it reminds them to read for pleasure.  The themes are provided at a national level and are interpreted by participating libraries for their audiences. For more information:


This Call to Artists is open to a professional artist or artist team residing in Arizona and eligible to work in the United States. Artists whose portfolio examples demonstrate the ability to work with both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional installation and who have proven experience working within public spaces will be considered for this commission.

Accepted artist will be required by Arizona State Law HB 2008 to sign a statement verifying that they are lawfully present in the United States. City of Tempe employees, steering committee members, and their immediate family members are excluded from participating in this project.


Up to $20,000 (subject to review)

The current budget covering all costs associated with design, fabrication, installation, and artist fees is up to $20,000.  The project budget must include all costs related to the artist’s project management fees; the artwork’s final design, instruction at workshops; creation of engagement piece; subcontractor and consultant fees General Liability and other insurance required by the City, travel if necessary, and all other costs associated with the art project.  Artist finalists will be asked to provide a proposed budget with their design concept for review by the selection panelists as part of the interview process.


Monday November 28th, midnight (11:59 PM) Mountain Standard Time

Pre-Submittal Session

Staff will present project details and the scope of work in a virtual presentation via ZOOM. Participants are encouraged to ask questions of staff for detail or assistance with the application process. If you are unable to attend, questions may be sent to at anytime throughout the application process.

Wednesday, November 9th 12pm

Meeting ID: 862 0943 1471

Registration link:

How to Apply:

The entire submission must be completed on Submittable at . All requirements listed below must be met or the application will be removed from consideration. Specific proposals are not requested at this stage in the process and will not be accepted.

  • Artist Biography (250 words or less): Tell us who you are! This is your chance to introduce yourself and describe what skills you can bring to the project.
  • Digital Images: 6 images of previously completed work. Specific proposals will not be accepted.
  • Image List: (Maximum 2 pages) A separate document listing information about the 6 digital images. For each image submitted list the title, date, size, and location with a thumbnail of the image.
  • Professional References: 3 total, include email address, phone number, and title for each reference
  • Online application: Complete the Submittable online application in full. Each applicant will need to answer the following questions (250 words or less):
  1. Please share any specific skills or experiences you possess that will be valuable to this commission.
  2. Please describe the inspirations for your artistic practice. This may be specific artists, artworks, places, memories, or anything that keeps you connected to your practice.
  3. Describe what excites you about creating artwork for this specific site and/or this audience
  4. Please share any experience you have had with teaching, training, or leading art related activities.
  5. Who do you see as being the intended audience for this art commission?

Artist Selection Process

Applications will be pre-screened by City staff to ensure that the submissions meet the minimum qualifications as described in the eligibility section. An artist selection committee will review artists’ submissions and be asked to make a recommendation based on the strength of the visual examples submitted, the appropriateness of the artwork style for the site based on the intended audience, and ability of the artist to connect with the audience as described in the application. The steering committee is comprised of members from the community, Tempe Arts and Culture Commission representatives, arts professional(s), and associated city staff. The selected Artist will work with Tempe Public Art throughout the project.


Tempe Public Library has a mission to inspire exploration, discovery, enrichment, and engagement. For information visit

Tempe Public Art aspires to cultivate a unique community identity that advances Tempe as a vibrant and progressive destination. Tempe's diverse collection of permanent and temporary public art complements the natural and built environment through innovative place-making, installations and infrastructure enhancements. Tempe Public Art promotes artistic expression, bringing people together to strengthen Tempe's sense of community and place.

We are here to help, contact: Sharah Nieto, Public Art Specialist 480-350-2833

This Call to Artist does not commit the city to enter into any agreement, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of the proposal to this request or in subsequent negotiations, or to produce a contract for the project. The city reserves the right to reject any or all applications, reissue the Call to Artist, revise the project terms or procure any service by other means. While all reasonable care will be taken, the city is not responsible for loss of or damage to materials included with applications.

Tempe Playlist: Call to Musicians

Musicians who live, work, or play in Tempe are invited to submit their songs for a chance to be included on the next edition of Tempe Playlist. This is a locally-inspired collection of songs that captures the talents and the vibe of musicians in the valley.

Selected songs will be compiled into a digital playlist that will be available on Spotify and marketed throughout the city. This playlist will function as a pre-qualified list of musicians who are eligible to perform at various Community Arts events. Musicians can submit up to three songs for consideration. Submitted songs must be original tracks, and musicians must own the copyright to their music.

Who can apply:

  • Musicians, bands, singers, emcees and DJs who live in the Valley and are experienced in live performances.
  • Preference will be given to musicians with a strong connection to Tempe.
  • If there are multiple people in a group, all members must live in “The Valley” (Metro Phoenix Area) and be able to travel to Tempe.
  • If an artist is in several groups, they may apply with multiple groups.
  • Up to three songs may be submitted per individual/group.
  • Submissions must be original compositions, and the artist must own copyright to the song.

City of Tempe employees or board/commission members are not eligible to apply.


Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022 at midnight (11:59 PM)


Each song selected will receive $200 and each individual or group selected will receive a free professional photoshoot. 

Tempe Playlist will be promoted on the City’s website and social media. This playlist will function as a pre-qualified list of musicians who are eligible to perform at various Community Arts events. Additionally, this list will serve the community and beyond by connecting musicians with event organizers, local businesses, and other city departments.

How to apply:

  • List contact information including name, address, phone number and email.
  • Describe your connection to Tempe.
  • Describe your band’s history and live performance experience.
  • Answer questions about your performance abilities and music style.
  • Submit up to 3 songs per individual artist or group.
  • For each song submitted, explain the inspiration behind your song.

Please be aware that applications may be considered a public record under Arizona public records law.

Questions? Contact:

Arts in the Parks
Call for Performance Proposals

The City of Tempe is seeking to commission a group to perform in 3-7 Tempe Parks as part of the Arts in the Parks Program. Performances could be adaptations of previous work or new work in the form of theater, dance, storytelling, short films and/or a combination of performing arts practices. Performances should be enjoyable for all ages and demographics represented in Tempe’s neighborhoods. The performances will be in an outdoor park setting with minimal set-up and equipment, with an option for a small stage provided by the City. Performances should have built in elements that break the 4th wall and engage with the audience. Artists, artist teams, performance groups, or cultural groups with experience in multi-media work, site-specific artmaking, performing outdoors, creating art for all ages, and/or engaging with audiences are encouraged to submit a proposal.

***These events are programmed by the Community Arts team and will also include food trucks, artmaking activities, and live music pre- and post-performance****

Arts in the Parks Program Description
The Arts in the Parks Program creates memorable community connections by bringing the arts to neighborhood parks. The program is inspired by residents and reflects the identity and values of the park’s community.

We’re looking for performances that intersect multiple performing art forms that are:

· Interactive / Immersive

· Engaging / Exciting

· Accessible (relatable and enjoyable for all community members, including “non-artists” and all ages)

· High Quality

· Narrative-driven

· Experiential for audience members

· Impactful / Memorable

NOT Suitable for Arts in the Parks Performances:

· Classes / educational workshops

· Showcases / variety shows

· Fully audience-reliant material (if using audience participation, have a fail-safe)

· “Sit and watch only” shows

Successful applicants must:

· Participate in 3-7 Arts in the Parks events in January/February to meet each park’s neighborhood

· Prepare one 40-60-minute performance that can travel to 3-7 parks in April/May

· Work collaboratively with the Community Arts staff by attending up to 5 planning meetings


Applications meeting the following qualifications are encouraged to apply:

· Experience with multi-media work, site-specific artmaking, performing outdoors, creating art for all ages, and/or engaging with audiences

· Experience using creative skills in social practice, creative place-making, community engagement and accessibility

· An artist, artist team, performance group, or cultural group with experience in performing arts mediums such as theater, dance, storytelling, short films, and/or any combination of performing arts

· Live in Maricopa County from December 2022 – June 2023 and be available for performances at 3-7 different parks

Up to $20,000

Price Break-Down:

· Up to $7,000 for the creation / rehearsal period of the performance piece (factors include but are not limited to: number of performers, number of rehearsals, if the piece is new, re-worked, or finished)

· Up to $1,500 for performance stipend per park at 3-7 parks

· Up to $2,500 for immersive or interactive set-up / installations / set pieces / costumes / collaborations

Individual Mentorship

We offer individualized support and mentorship to answer questions about the project and guidance on completing your application. Schedule a session with Ellen Sickenberger, Tempe Community Arts Coordinator:

Click here to schedule

In-Person Information Sessions:

Meet other artists who are applying and get eyes on your application while it's in-progress! Show up any time within the time frames listed below:

    -Wednesday, 11/16/22 between 5pm-6:30pm at Boba Cutea Bubble Tea House - Tempe: 1805 E Elliot Rd #106, Tempe, AZ 85284

    -Saturday, 11/19/22 between 1pm-2:30pm at Infusion Coffee & Tea Crafters: 1300 E 8th St, Tempe, AZ 85281

How to apply

Create a Submittable account below (scroll down) and complete the online submission.

· Project Proposal

Describe your interest in this opportunity by addressing how you are uniquely qualified for this project including the following:

o Your proposal for an outdoor performance.

 - What themes are you exploring/what is your vision?

 - Explain if this piece is a continuation of current or past work and how it will be adapted.

 - What artforms/disciplines will be incorporated? (Including but not limited to theater, dance, music, storytelling and/or any combination)

   (max. 500 words)

o Describe how your proposed work fulfills the following:

 - Interactive / Immersive

 - Engaging / Exciting

 - Accessible (relatable/enjoyable for all community members, including “non-artists” and all ages)

 - High Quality

 - Narrative-driven

 - Experiential for audience

 - Impactful / Memorable

   (max. 250 words)

o Artist/Company Bio: Your team/group’s experience with multi-media work, site-specific artmaking, performing outdoors, creating art for all ages, and engaging with audiences. (max. 150 words)

o Key project organizers/artists (up to 4)

 · Describe their relevant skills and role in the creation and/or performance (max. 125 words each)

o Budget Estimation (up to 4)

 · Provide your estimated budget details for this project. (See Compensation section for details) (max. 150 words)

o Samples of proposed project and/or past work

· Two work samples are required, one of which must be a video representing performance style (5 min max) (Note:    Quality of video will not influence the decision-making process; ONLY the content will be considered)

· Option to submit up to 2 other work samples (images or videos)

o Work sample descriptions (max. 150 words)

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022 at 11:59pm


November 29 – Application Deadline

Early-Mid December – Community Review Panel and Interviews

Mid-Late December – Artists notified
Late December – Project Orientation
Mid January – Check-in 1

Mid February – Check-in 2 (rehearsal at park)

Mid March – Check-in 3 (advertisement launch)

Early April – Check-in 4 (final performance details)

Mid April-Early May – Parks Performances

For Questions Contact:
Ellen Sickenberger, Community Arts Coordinator

Studio Artists Residency Program ----

Studio Artist Program Description:

The Studio Artists Program is looking for a visual artist with teaching experience. This partnership between Tempe Elementary District and the City of Tempe provides students with an opportunity to experience quality arts programming and provide personal studio space for the artists.

Artist Expectations

· Be available to teach workshops in classrooms across 16 different schools in the Tempe Elementary School District during the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years.

· Upon selection, complete fingerprint clearance card application including payment of $65 fee to be reimbursed.

· Develop a hands-on workshop that relates to the artist’s expertise and style.


· Lives in Maricopa County

· Experience in teaching visual arts

  • This experience may include, but is not limited to: public school classrooms, after school programs, museum workshops, community events, studio classes, gallery programming, leading small groups in art activities, volunteer work with arts events, etc.

· Have an artistic perspective and active studio practice

Artist Residency Compensation

· $5,000 per school year:

  • $4,000 for workshops in 25 classrooms (4 hour workshop per classroom)
  • $500 scheduling, communication, and supply management
  • $500 creating workshop with mentorship

· 24/7 access to personal art studio space on a school campus

Application Materials

· Submittable Application: Complete online submission form

· Resume/CV: Include recent teaching experience and accomplishments as an artist (up to 2 pages)

· 5 Images: Images of personal completed artwork

DEADLINE: First review July 26th 

To submit your final report you must login or create a Submittable account

Within 60 days of completing the project, a Final Report must be submitted to the City of Tempe. The report will require you to share the outcomes of your project as well images and/or video documentation of your programming. Applicants who fail to complete final reports on time will not be eligible for future arts grants funding from the City of Tempe.

Pursuant to the Grant’s terms and conditions, the City of Tempe has the rights to use any materials submitted in the Final Report for data collection and promotional purposes. 

Tempe Arts and Culture